Eleven Essential Instagram Photo Spots in Arizona

Arizona’s flowering deserts, colorful canyons, and culturally diverse cities offer no shortage of unique places to capture a gorgeous photograph. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to pose among prickly cacti, otherworldly sandstone backdrops, or gorgeous local street art, the options for snapping the ideal Instagram-worthy shot are endless. A desert state that captures the essence of the American Southwest, Arizona has incredible views, thriving ecosystems, and diverse Native America

Puerto Escondido Vs. Mazunte: Choosing the Perfect Beach Destination in the Mexican State of Oaxaca

The beach towns in the Mexican state of Oaxaca feel worlds away from tourist hotspots and all-inclusive resorts like Cancun and Tulum. Despite enjoying plenty of relaxing long weekends visiting the Mexican Riviera, eating all the food, and drinking way too much tequila, these days, my tastes lean more toward off-the-beaten-path destinations. The Oaxaca region fits the bill with gorgeous beaches, vibrant culture, and an epic culinary scene, the beach towns of Oaxaca stole my heart. For anyone loo

Two Weeks in Switzerland - The Perfect Itinerary for Traveling Switzerland by Scenic Train

Each spring, my momma and I take a special girls' trip, and Switzerland had been at the top of our bucket list for years. We even planned an entire trip towards the end of the pandemic travel restrictions, when Europe had just begun to open up its borders again. The information on which countries were open to Americans was unclear. Still, we managed to call the Swiss Embassy, who assured us that vaccinated American's would be welcomed into Switzerland with proof of vaccination and a negative cov

Explore 10 Of Mexico’s Most Incredible Mayan Ruins

Brilliant mathematicians, astronomers, artists, farmers, and the architects of one of the most amazing empires the world has known, the Maya Civilization was a Mesoamerican culture that stretched through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. Long before European imperialists sought to conquer Mexico's rugged coastlines and wild jungles, the Maya civilization had built a series of massive and modern cities with an intricate system of trade routes and roads stretching throughout t

Explore This Mystical Cave System In The Swiss Alps

As soon as travelers arrive at St. Beatus Caves, they will feel like they have stepped into a fairy tale realm. The mysterious cave system is located high in the alps near Interlaken and remains one of Switzerland's best-kept secrets. Visitors can enjoy cave hiking, waterfalls, and stunning views of Lake Thun below on a visit to Saint Beatus Caves. Travelers searching for a natural wonder, geological marvels, and magical legends will love visiting this vast cave system and learning about its my

Top 10 Things To Do Around Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Switzerland's largest body of water is a stunning oasis of sparkling blue water surrounded by the snow-tipped Alps. Located on the border of France and Switzerland, Lake Geneva is a popular tourist destination throughout the year. Also known as Lac Leman, it is the perfect destination for visitors of all ages and attracts jet-setters from around the world. From outdoor activities and historical landmarks to world-class shopping and dining, there is something for everyone to enjoy on a trip to La

Switzerland’s Luxurious Scenic Trains

There is no better way to experience the steep mountain passes, plummeting waterfalls, vibrantly blue glacial lakes, and rolling hills scattered with wildflowers of Switzerland than a journey via Switzerland's scenic trains. Traveling through the Alps by train is the perfect way to enjoy the otherwise hard-to-reach landscapes and balance unforgettable sightseeing in the rugged terrain with the understated luxury of Swiss culture. Tourists can sip a glass of wine while winding through the consta

3 Rituals for Self Love

Self-love rituals are powerful practices that will help you manifest more confidence and joy. Read on to learn about 3 ethical love spells and rituals that won’t mess anyone’s free will and will leave you feeling as lovely and magical as Aphrodite herself. Here’s a list of things you might like to have on hand for all things love • None Rose Quartz - the ultimate stone for unconditional love this crystal is believed to vibrate at a frequency that supports emotional healing and inspires compassi

DIY Ritual Cleansing Bath for Spring

Spring brings a sense of rebirth and renewal. It is the perfect time to set goals, plant seeds, and make plans for the future. Even a simple to-do list can be a powerful practice of manifestation. This spring, create some space for positive life changes by performing a magical Ritual Cleansing Bath. Bath Magic is one of our favorite practices here at Moon River Spells. It’s a simple and relaxing ritual to perform at home that powerfully cleanses any negative energy. It can help you let go of an

Best Tacos in San Diego

San Diego is a paradise for foodies with delicious options ranging from upscale fine dining establishments to trendy food trucks. One delectable delicacy reigns supreme when it comes to San Diego eats – the taco! Anyone who has ventured to the hip SoCal destination knows that San Diego is one of the best places in the United States to enjoy a juicy, mouthwatering taco. If you’re planning the ultimate California culinary adventure, don’t miss out on trying some of the best tacos in San Diego.